Rights Bytes was an inspirational digital media programme (2008-09), cultivating an online pool of short films and animations made by children and young people from around the world, exploring articles from the United Nations Convention on the Rights of a Child, as they relate to their lives and experiences.

About five short films made by children aged 8 – 13 was telecast by Chew TV, UK. The project begins again in June 2011 for primary children from Std V to VIII. Students will be trained on issues related to rights of the child, have discussion sessions and perspectives workshop, receive minimum training to shoot, edit and use voiceovers. Students will work in groups of ten and make the film over a span of 2 -3 months.

The films will be shown in a film festival conducted by CDE. We will be collaborating with FTII, Pune for this project. Since this is a non-funded project schools will have to pay a nominal fee per student for this project. Interested schools may send us an email at   info@cdeindia.in

Watch films made by children for the Rights Bytes program