This is a tri-nation project that addresses a very serious global issue – Climate Change in India, Kenya and the UK. This project seeks to involve the youth aged 16 – 22 in all these countries to take up action to address local climate change issues and give them opportunities to showcase their projects and share them with the youth of the counterpart countries through websites and video conferences. In India this project has around 30 participating schools and colleges from Mumbai and Pune.

The project has been linked to the EVS (Environment Science) curriculum which is a mandatory course in standard IX, XI, XII and second year degree courses. Resource materials have been developed to help teachers and students understand local and global issues and help them carry out the projects effectively.

ICC Partners

Join the ICC project and you can:
  • Take local action
  • Find local support for your work
  • Be a part of a national movement
  • Make global connections
  • Gain International Recognition